Villas line each side of the Whale’s Tail and combine multiple bungalows. These are the ultimate beach house dreamhouse, pioneer homes in both form and function for life on Norman’s. Each Villa has two bungalows connected by a breezeway with a shady porch facing the shifting blues of the open ocean, behind the natural protection and privacy of sand dune vegetation.

There is a quality of lightness to the Villas, expressed in the union of outdoor and indoor space. One bungalow houses a kitchen and living area, while the other a bedroom and master bathroom, high-ceilinged and furnished in neutral colors that parallel the wood, sand, and rock formations.

The window walls expose expansive views of the water and imbue the rooms with natural light. Appliances are built-in throughout, neat and singular, like islands of function in and of themselves, created with materials of wood and stone that feel like they were sourced just outside. These fantastic, minimalist homes feel at once filled with whatever you need but also ready to be made your own, inviting guests to participate in the leisure of island life.


Bungalows extend the island’s beach house dreamhouse vision in individual bungalow structures, housing bedroom suites surrounded by green island flora and boundless blue vistas. Here continues the quality of lightness, expressed with natural and indirect lighting, building off of the island’s natural wonders. The high ceilings give space to the signature softness and elegance of the decor and furniture, in neutral colors and natural materials. Appliances are built-in throughout, adroitly crafted and created with the same wood and stone that feel like they were sourced just outside. These spaces are comfortable and warm, a home away from home on Norman’s.


Cabanas bring the iconic Surf Club to Norman’s Cay in the Marina neighborhood. The structure, modeled after its historic twin in Surfside, includes open-plan rooms with ocean-flecked terrazzo floors and marble bathrooms. The sandy-toned decor with kangaroo chairs and subtle strokes of green-blues express the light and easygoing nature of the Cabanas—a place to stay with friends or family, with the Marina just outside your door.

Macduff’s Cottages

The three duplex-style cottages are spacious and simple, placed intimately on the edge of the beach or set slightly beside the cocoplum trees. A great choice for couples, families or small groups, the cottages feel like a schooner suite, personal and protected, designed with the amenities of modern life and hospitality. The French doors frame every sunset over the ocean and at night the shore disappears in a divine darkness that highlights the soft umbrella of stars and celestial light.

Yacht Club

The Norman’s Cay Yacht Club sits on the highest point of the island: a beacon for all visitors to gather and experience 360° views of the waters surrounding the cay. Here one can enjoy drinks, dining, entertainment, and be spellbound by the island spirit. The openness of the club is quite literally sensational: open-aired with bamboo-lined walls that frame the green foliage and blue waters, furniture upholstered with corals and native sea grapes. Follow the coral stone stairs up to the terrace and start with a seat at the bar, hand-painted with geometric tiles that recall the Bahamian flag.

 Beach Club

The Beach Club sits on the eastern shore of the island, on a corner shaded by canopies of casuarina pines. Here where the land meets the beach, the soft swells invite guests to swim ashore and stop for a bite or a drink at the mosaic bar nestled between the trees. Crafted from Murano glass tiles, the bar portrays an undersea vision of coral and marine life in verdant and sunny colors, inviting guests to discover this casual outpost at the water’s edge


MacDuff’s is an open-air restaurant and bar serving Sands beer and a cheeseburger that even Jimmy Buffet could admire. It is the original bed, breakfast, and “club,” as longtime residents affectionately remember it, with a rustic atmosphere that makes every guest feel as if they’ve been visiting for years. It’s the obvious choice for a casual bite or a signature island cocktail, a Bahamian outpost tucked right behind the airport, walking distance from the Marina, and steps away from the serene beaches of MacDuff’s Cottages.



A trip to Norman’s is incomplete without an exploration of all the cay has to offer. The Exuma island chain is known for its legendary Caribbean waters and the cerulean shallows of the Bahama banks, so starting with a boat excursion is always a good idea.

Explore the open ocean for deep-sea fishing or stay close and snorkel the sunken airplane with the resident schools of fish. Whether you are looking to go diving, paddleboarding, windsurfing, or kayaking, the cay’s waters and surrounding islands offer the ideal playground and discovery zone.

The Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park is also just a short boat ride away, a marine reserve teeming with life from the mangrove communities and sea turtles to the “Washing Machine,” an oceanic swirl caused by tidal currents like nature’s own lazy river.

Although the hype of the cay is often all things water-based, guests should not forget to enjoy a curated picnic, an evening bonfire, or the extraordinary stargazing.


Experience an island with a story and a spirit that belies its size.

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